Friday, January 13, 2012


Welcome to the official announcement for the new web series MOONSHINE.

Moonshine will be an anthology based series, which will allow us to tell different stories. Episodes will be geared for a 5 rminute length, but could go over that 5 minutes to help tell the story. Stories could be single episodes or multiple episodes.

When the series was originally conceived, it was as an animated series. That has changed. While the main focus of the series will be animated, we also reserve the right to add live action episodes to the series as well. Not only will this allow us to explore different types of animation, but different types of storytelling in general.

Moonshine's first episode will premiere on April 11, 2012. Then on the 3rd Wednesday of each month a new episode will premiere. The first "season" will run for 8 months, at which time there should be at least 40 minutes worth of content. Whether or not the series will be collected on DVD/Blu-Ray will be determined after season 1 is complete.

This blog will be used for Behind The Scenes content and various other tidbits related to Moonshine. I'm planning on posting weekly video updates which will be linked here.

So, let's get plastered and begin the journey...

Thanks, Curtis Rhoads